About Me: An Introduction

Me on My Wedding Day. ❤

Greetings Fellow Allergen Enthusiasts!

I see that you have stumbled upon my blog. My name is Diandra and I am a never-ending sufferer of all things allergy related. Are the seasons changing? Is there a cat somewhere nearby? Are there nuts in this? Or mushrooms? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes.” I will already know since my body will be having an allergic (sometimes deadly) reaction. It just seems that no matter where I go or what I do, my allergies are a constant reminder of how flawed my body is. Thanks to these reminders, I have become a professional worry wart and expert questioner. I have also become well versed on the topics of stress, survival, and edible substitutions.

This is why I started this blog. It is for me to share my experiences, my recipes, and my adapted habits in order to survive this allergen riddled world. It’s not all bad and I do have my moments of defeat, but, for the most part, I am actually quite neutral when it comes to my vast array of allergies. The adjustment and acceptance comes with time, practice, and at least 3 different ER visits. In doing so, I have worked out a system that not only keeps me alive and out of hospitals, but it has also broadened my world view.

Now, I do not suffer from various food allergens like dairy, eggs, wheat, and shellfish, but because I have reactions to so many others, I take it upon myself to explore all sorts of food alternatives. I do plan on posting recipes that I have created, but I also plan on posting my thoughts and experiences that come with living an alternative lifestyle. The allergen lifestyle. Which is why I have chosen to include a lot about my personal life as well. I want people to know that allergies are a serious, and costly, lifestyle that no one CHOOSES to have. Like, I don’t actively avoid nuts because I don’t want to eat them. I avoid nuts because THEY COULD KILL ME. I have met a lot of people who find this to be a very difficult concept to wrap their minds around, and I get it. A lot of people feel a disconnect towards things that don’t effect them in a negative manner, so when someone says, “Hey, I can’t eat this.” they don’t understand the severity of the situation. They don’t comprehend that this really is life or death. Even my family forgets sometimes because growing up, I didn’t have any allergies. I would sit with my grandfather in front of the fireplace and eat roasted peanuts with him every time I went to visit. It wasn’t until I was in middle school, when I went to a fair and ate some candied pecans did I learn that I was developing an allergy to nuts. Even after throwing up in that parking lot, it didn’t register until I went to dinner at a friend’s house and there was peanut butter in the dessert course. After throwing up in their backyard (something I’m still ashamed about to this day), my throat started closing and I couldn’t breathe. That was my first trip to the ER due to my allergies, and it was the scariest night of my life. As I got older, I developed more and more allergies to certain foods and had to cut them from my diet because they were too dangerous to eat. This includes mangoes, mushrooms, and any type of melon. For someone without allergies, it is difficult to imagine, let alone feel sympathy, towards someone who has had that kind of reaction to something that we are told is healthy and necessary for a balanced diet. So, like I said, I get it. It didn’t even register to me how bad it could be for me until I almost died. After that, I have worked hard to develop a bunch of survival techniques to make it in this allergen invested world.

Aside from my allergies, because no one wants to be known as just the “allergy sufferer,” here are a few more facts about me:

  1. I just got married. (Yay!) So I’m still trying to find a balance between my newlywed duties and what makes me happy. I feel like I’m kind of rut and I think this blog will help me in not feeling like I’m kind of in a rut.
  2. I am a self taught professional baker. This is probably why my recipes that I post will 75% be baked goods. Just a fair warning.
  3. My personality is very eclectic. Depending on my mood and what’s going on, my posts will most likely vary from day to day.
  4. I love writing (this is a blog. Duh!)
  5. I am a very understanding person. I come from an international expat background and have lived all around to world. I love to travel but I am in a transitional point in my life that inhibits that wanderlust.
  6. I am never afraid to talk politics. Just keep it respectful. I’m putting it out there now that I am VERY liberal and democrat and I do believe that America can do A LOT better. In saying that, I have made it my life’s mission to be as educated and well informed as possible, so if the time ever comes to where there’s a disagreement, please, NO name calling, racial slurs, offensive language, etc. Now, I do allow swearing, just not at others. That’s just rude.
  7. I am making a deal with myself to post every few days. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a recipe, a feeling, an experience, or even just a little motivational meme. I want to make this my personal blog that will make me feel personable, and if someone somewhere finds that this blog is informative into the life of someone with allergies, great. If not, it’s my personal blog. I understand I won’t relate to everyone in the entire world. That’s impossible.

I think that’s about it.

Welcome to My Blog! ❤

Me In Front of the London Eye.
Me In Front of the London Eye.

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