The Number 1 Thing People Without Allergies Need to Stop Complaining About


Stop complaining about how people with allergies are ruining your lives! Making you actually think about what you’re putting into your foods. Making you squirm with our endless sneezing and tissue usage every time the seasons change. Quit your bitching when a person with allergies asks you questions about your cooking ingredients. Refrain from throwing a shit fit whenever your child’s school requests you to make bake sale items nut free, or dairy free, or I even dare say, GLUTEN FREE! OH NO!!! Not that! How dare people want their children to be safe and watched over at an institution where their children spend at minimum 40 hours a week! GOD FORBID THEY HAVE AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES! 40 hours of these kids’ lives, without parental supervision! Do you understand the level of trust a parent has to have in order to leave their child in the hands of someone else who has to watch 20-30 other children as well?!






Okay, enough of that. What do you guys take us for? Do you think we wiling chose to become allergic to the basics of living, like food and air? Like, we were given the option to be allergic to stuff and we just thought, “Sure! What could possibly go wrong?! I love the thought of being able to DIE from accidentally consuming or breathing in something that everyone else has no problem dealing with. This is great! What a life! #superblessed”

I just can’t. And people don’t stop and think that we aren’t exactly happy with our allergies either. No one likes being a burden, but since it’s practically illegal and financially unreliable to lock yourself or your family members in your own home (where the air is actually worse for you than being outside, but that’s just an unfortunate side effect of trying to live), we must brave the allergen ridden world. It’s not our fault! Imagine how much easier life would be if house calls didn’t cost extra, or home visits were less expensive, or delivery fees were nonexistent! WHAT A TIME IT WOULD BE TO BE ALIVE!

As great as all of that sounds, that’s not the world we live in. The world we live in curses us for being such an inconvenience. We literally can’t help it. Once the cost of being home-ridden is equal to the cost of going out and remote work becomes a reliable form of income, then maybe we can talk. Until then, you’ll just have to deal with us. Hardly anyone has the resources to work from home 100% of the time and those who do tend to work way more hours than people who work in an office. It is tiring, sometimes unrewarding, and a sad existence. I couldn’t do it. I actually like people, believe it or not. I might not like everyone, but I am sometimes much more comfortable in a group setting than I am by myself. Sometimes my brain is not my friend, so I need the physical distractions. That’s life, and as the outsiders looking in, it’s really shitty that it’s just something we have to accept.

Like, acceptance needs to be a two way street in this case, and a lot of people are bothered by that. As the people who suffer from allergens have to alter their lifestyle choices (from being unable to work certain jobs, to having to cut out certain restaurants that everyone else gets to enjoy), people without allergens have to acknowledge that we exist and, at some point, will influence their lives as much as they influence ours. So, yes. Since quite a few children are a high risk for allergen attacks and severe reactions, it is only acceptable for you, as a human being without allergies, to aid in the accommodation of these young people. Try to not be selfish for a second and imagine what it’s like to have a child with a severe allergy to certain foods and you have to send your kid to an institution where the threat of shots, hospital visits, or death is an everyday possibility because they are constantly exposed to said allergen. Picture yourself with allergies and you want to try a new restaurant. Imagine having to go in and ask a full list of questions just so you can enjoy a meal there, and if one of your questions is answered incorrectly, imagine how frustrating it is to have to leave and find somewhere else to eat. Or an even worse situation, picture yourself at that same restaurant for a celebratory dinner party and you just can’t get up and leave because you promised your friends/ family that you’d be there to celebrate their special occasion with them. Since you can’t order anything, the only thing you can enjoy your free glass of water, and pretend to not notice everyone else’ attempt of sympathy for you, which is really just their only reaction to their own awkwardness. Seriously, no one wants to be that jerk who eats in front of someone who can’t eat anything. Then, even when you try to ignore it, people will still turn it into a situation. They will constantly ask you if you’re okay, or if you want to go somewhere else (which isn’t really your call to begin with), or if you want to try a bite from their plate because whatever they ordered technically shouldn’t contain your allergen. Just… no. Stop. What’s even worse than this awkward situation is when a restaurant does pass your full questionnaire and inspection. There is STILL a constant sense of dread and anxiety that comes with thinking the kitchen somehow messed up your order or found some way to cross contaminate your plate with your allergen (even though they probably didn’t, but the anxiety alone just makes your throat tighten and you mentally cause yourself to feel like you’re having an allergic reaction to nothing). Consider how much more complicated your everyday routine becomes. You have to take your medication, you have to make sure you have every other emergency medication or emergency shot on your person or within arms length at all times, just in case you do come into contact with any given allergen that is trying to kill you. And you can’t skip a day of your allergy medication because your body will start to react to everything if you do. Imagine constantly thinking, “This is it. This is the day where either I fuck up or someone else fucks me up.” every time you leave the house, because once you leave the house, your life is in the world’s hands. There is zero control. And the people who don’t have allergies, who can’t sympathize with you, don’t care.

These are the hardships of a person with allergies, and the rest of the world isn’t helping when everyone throws a shit fit when they are asked to be a considerate human being. Trust us, if we didn’t have to do all of this just to survive day to day life, we’d be 100 times more relaxed and happier than ever, but when people decide that their comforts come before everyone else, it is very difficult relax. We don’t know when the next attack is going to happen and who it is going to do it.

So please, stop complaining about us. It’s LITERALLY not our fault. We are literally just doing the best we can to live the life we can with the hand we were given. We didn’t choose the allergy life, the allergy life chose us.


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