Keeping It “Current”: Garissa University

So, after the terrorist attacks on Beirut and Paris, this one news story that covered the attack on Garissa University has been popping up repeatedly on my Facebook news feed. It is a heartbreaking story about how the most violent branch of al-Qaeda called al-Shabaab, which is known for terrorizing East African countries, launched an attack on the Kenyan campus and then committed suicide themselves.

Basically, some gunmen shot the only 2 security guards that were stationed there to protect the students. After that, they rampaged the campus, and gunned down a bunch of students. At some point they took hostages, released those who claimed to be Muslim and shot those who were of Christian faith. Four of them eventually made their way to the girl’s dormitory and once they were surrounded, they detonated their suicide vests, injuring even more people. At least 140 people were killed in this tragedy.

Now, at the rate this story is spreading, you’d think this even happened sometime this week. Like, all things come in threes, so why not major terrorist attacks? Well, you’d be wrong.

It happened back in early April of this year.

So, why is it just NOW reaching the eyes and ears of the American citizens? I think that because now everyone is shaken by what happened in Paris, they are more receptive to the rest of the world. The problem is that this tragic incident happened over 7 months ago! 7 months of the American population going on with their lives, blind towards the horrors of what the Kenyan population faced. Of course I’m not blaming Americans alone for not knowing. No.

I’m blame the fact that there was little to no American media coverage on this particular circumstance. Just like a lot of things wrong with the U.S., their media tends to be very selective. A lot of it is home based, meaning it often ignores what’s going on in the rest of the world. Go on, watch it. Try to find some form of coverage that deals with other countries, outside of the ones that the U.S have strong relations with. You can’t. It’s almost impossible. That’s why when the terrorist attack happened in France, it was everywhere, but that terrorist attack in Lebanon the day before? Ask people about it. See if they can give you any specifics on the incident. Like, how many terrorists there were, what weapons did they use, and how many people died/ were injured? Most people can’t, but they can about Paris.


Because the U.S., as a country, from the media’s standpoint, is a narcissist. If something doesn’t affect it personally, or economically, it likes to pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s not worth reporting to the people. This is why a lot of incidents that happen in such faraway lands, like practically the entire continent of Africa, go uncovered. They don’t care and they feel like the American people don’t need to know what’s going on on the other side of their self-built white picket fence. Africa’s problems/ issues don’t affect how things are run here on American soil. Everything is pretty much kept over there. Since a lot of African issues are civil, there’s no need to worry.

I read a lot of comments by people who claim that there was little to no news coverage because a vast majority of African population is black, and since white people weren’t threatened or killed, that makes it easier for the white-run America to turn a blind eye (because we all know how racist America is. Which is true, but I’m 1000% sure that’s not the only issue here). I can totally agree with this, to a certain extent, because I can see that specific connection. Now, when Beirut suffered from the same sort of attack Paris did, it was mostly (if not all) Arabs who lost their lives. With that being said, there was no American media coverage on that incident, just like what happened at Garissa University. SO, a bunch of Africans die from a terrorist attack and no one reports on it. A bunch of Arabs die from a terrorist attack and no one reports that either… But all of a sudden, when a prominently white country suffers from the same fate, ALL of the news channels suddenly dedicate 24 hour, around the clock coverage so everyone can see the devastation from the safety of their homes. What kind of racist shit this is?!

Here, let me explain something.


Everything is politics.

It’s not about informing a nation, it’s about keeping everything from going to political shit.

It’s not about expressing solidarity with the world, it’s about showing support to the right people so America doesn’t get in any sort of trouble.

Now, I only said I support the above racism belief to a certain extent because of my previous point stating that the American media has a very narcissistic viewpoint. They don’t care about what happens in Lebanon and Kenya because it doesn’t directly affect the country. These terrorist attacks won’t lead to a market crash, they won’t lead to the possible deaths of U.S. citizens, and they definitely won’t create an ounce of political unrest because our politicians are also quite narcissistic. They do nothing for the country, therefore, they are not worth noting and bringing forth to the American public. When Paris was struck, of course people were going to jump on top of that. The U.S. has had very close ties to France since forever. It’s a popular vacation destination for U.S. citizens to travel. In fact, I’m pretty sure there were some of them caught in that tragedy. It would be extremely detrimental to the U.S. to just ignore this particular incident. France is powerful enough on not only a social, but also an economic level to do some real damage to the U.S. if they think for one second that the U.S. is ignoring/ apathetic to their current situation. That’s why there’s so much coverage on the news, that’s why the white house lit up in red, white, and blue, that’s why there’s a French flag filter on Facebook so everyone can show their support for the country that suffered from this major attack. Why wasn’t there a Kenyan flag filter back in April? Where’s the Lebanese flag?

It’s all politics.

And that’s really sad to me.

Keeping the U.S. citizens in it’s own little bubble does nothing for the country in the long run. It only breeds more ignorance, more intolerance, and more narcissism, none of which are super appealing qualities in a country. In fact, since the attack on Paris, social tensions have been on the rise. More and more people are starting to re-develop that anti-Muslim mindset that was once brought on by 9/11. It really shook the people because if France was so vulnerable to such a devastating attack, what’s not to say we’re next?

Here’s what I’m going to say. This is a really shitty situation. These are ALL really shitty situations, and it’s really shitty to have to go through them. It’s just one huge shit storm after the other, and the only thing we can do is stand in solidarity, BUT we can’t pick and choose with who. We must branch out and find valuable sources of information because relying on the American media alone will lead you down a path of cultural and global insensitivity and intolerance. Thankfully, that’s what the internet is for, and everything you need to know is just one click away!



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