About Me: Pet Peeves

**WARNING: This is just a long-winded list of everything that gets on my nerves. Proceed with caution because I was starting to get all in my feelings as I kept on writing. The rage was real. I’m not even going to edit this.**

As I’m starting to feel a drastic increase of holiday cheer, it hits me that I have easily become more intolerant with every passing day of shit that I would have easily ignored or let go. Like, in situations where I would have easily shrugged something off, I’m easily set off. This realization didn’t really hit me until I was watching the Food Network this morning and I was so angry that someone didn’t scrape the sides of her bowl when filling up a cake pan. Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I absolutely HATE, yes HATE, wasted food, and when something as thick as cake batter doesn’t get completely scraped from the sides, I just rage internally. Like, “HELLO! YOU ARE THROWING AWAY AT LEAST A 1/2 INCH OF CAKE RIGHT THERE!” It bugs me so much because you can do a lot with 1/2 an inch of cake. Like, that’s enough for a whole other slice for somebody. Somebody else could FINALLY get a slice of cake! That’s all they ever wanted!

But yes. That is literally one of my pet peeves. I can’t watch Food Network without judging how lazy and inconsiderate every host is when they don’t fully scrap the sides of any dish with a rubber spatula. Why? Because that’s how you get every single last drop of whatever it is that you are making. And if it’s really as good as you’re proclaiming it be on my television screen, you should care. Like, I can’t imagine ever not fully scraping the sides of my bowls. I don’t want to waste anything. And I’m pretty sure that has something to do with the fact that I’m paying for all of the ingredients myself. I guess it’s probably a different mindset when you have producers throwing their money at you to make an episode within a given time frame. I don’t know. Never had that luxury. Until then, I do have the right to rage about how inconsiderate a person is for not giving that dude a slice of cake, and instead, they just throw it down the drain.

Another pet peeve of mine is inconsiderate people. People who lack the sympathy/ empathy to know right for wrong, or nice from good, or messing around from being a straight up grade-A douche. Like, how do you not know?! All you have to do is ask, “Am I 100%/ COMPLETELY okay with someone doing/ saying this shit to me?” Is that answer no? Then DON’T DO IT! I can’t believe how many times I’ve literally used this response and people have looked at me with complete awe, like I literally just BLEW THEIR FUCKING MINDS! I just can’t, and it’s that same aggravation that fuels me into straight confrontations with assholes and douche bags. I’m sure this pet peeve will probably get me hurt one day, but if I’ve changed at least one person’s outlook on acting like a dick, then I’m going to keep on for the sake of bettering the world.

One more pet peeve of mine is people who smack their gum while chewing it. I literally want to punch you in the face. Have some fucking manners and close your damn mouth. I don’t want to see down your throat. It’s people like this who make chewing gum a complete disgusting experience for me. Just making it disgusting by association. Just, gross beyond belief. So much so that I personally get offended when people offer me a piece and I have to remind myself that I’M the odd man out. I have to calm myself down because if not, I’ll probably say something along the lines of, “EW! GROSS! Get the fuck away from me you heathen!” And that, I know, is offensive, so I have to grind my teeth, and mutter something along the lines of, “Ew! I hate gum.” bringing the role of the wrong one onto me. It’s tough being so civil.

I am also annoyed by anyone who outwardly and enthusiastically express any acceptance for the -isms of our society. This includes rac-ISM, sex-ISM, homo-ISM, athe-ISM, and everything else I can all of a suddenly not remember because I’m just so irritated that these are still issues in our society these days. Like, it’s along the same lines of don’t be an inconsiderate douche, but this just includes not being ignorant and judgmental. For real. Don’t go out of your way, in public, to try and make a point about why a certain group of people don’t belong in this world, or are stupid for believing in a certain god, or don’t deserve the same rights and privileges and SECURITY as you do. That’s just you showing to the rest of the world how awful of a person you are for not fully supporting the integrity of the human race. When you say no to marriage for all, you are saying no to love. When you say, “Racism doesn’t exist anymore. I have a black friends!” and when black people say, “Yes it does. Look at this.” and you shake your head and say, “Shut up. Stop your whining race baiting negroes.” you are saying no to another person’s right to feel safe and secure and respected in their homeland. When you say, “Slut.” to every woman you meet that doesn’t want to have sex with you, OR if you say, “Hey baby. Give me a smile.” if she walking down the street, OR if you say, “Fuck abortions! You’ll have that baby whether you want to or not!” you are saying no to her autonomy of self and express that you don’t hold her, as a human being, in high regards. When you say, “Get out of my country! We don’t want your terrorist Muslim asses here!” you are really saying is, “I’m a dick and a hypocrite because I’m making the brash generalization that ALL Muslims are terrorists, but I will be quick to say that NOT ALL Christians are as awful as the Southern Baptists. #notallchristians” Like, this sort of shit is a complete fuckery of what humans, as a SPECIES, not a RACE, should be about. We should value and cherish love, acceptance, respect, honor, and self. It should be that simple! And it’s not! And that’s why this shit is a mega, huge, eye-rolling, face-palming, head banging on the table, 10-minute sighing of a pet peeve. DON’T BE AN INCONSIDERATE, IGNORANT DOUCHE BAG! END OF FUCKING STORY!

I also don’t like it when people wear baseball hats backwards. It totally defeats the point of wearing that specific hat for its intended reason! It’s just a thicker, branded version of a do-rag for people who can’t bring themselves to buy one because it’s called a do-rag. Don’t worry! Motorcyclists wear them all the time and they look tough as shit! Do you know who doesn’t look tough as shit? People who wear baseball caps backwards.


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