4 Things People Should Stop Doing After A Terrorist Attack

So, due to the current status of the globe, I’ve noticed another drastic rise in anti-Muslim beliefs and propaganda. This shit is being posted everywhere, and I am getting very annoyed. It’s causing more and more ignorant and intolerant people to lash out towards those who practice Islam and other Asian originated religions. People of south, west, and central Asian decent are being targeted and attacked for having similar racial features to those who brought about the attacks on Paris and 9/11. They’re not being singled out for any other reason, and that’s unforgivable. So, here’s what you should NOT do in the case of a terrorist attack.

  1. DO NOT lash out at others who are of similar faith/ racial features as the terrorists.
    • Look, as upsetting as it is, the most mindful thing to do is actually focus on those who actually planned and executed the deed itself. Don’t group them all together and riot against those who LITERALLY had no idea what was going to happen. It’s not like there’s this one all-inclusive, religious memo that everyone of that sect gets to inform them of the attacks. They didn’t just read it and was like, “Okay guys, thanks for the heads up.” No. These people are just as shocked as you are when horrifying incidents like this happen. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re actually MORE UPSET than you could ever be because they know this means their status in society has just gone down another rung. They know that life is going to get harder for them because there are brash, close-minded idiots that are going to terrorize them everywhere. In public, in their places of worship, in their own homes, nowhere is safe! These innocent people have lost that sense of security because these idiots wholeheartedly believe that ALL MUSLIMS/ ARABS/ INDIANS ARE TERRORISTS, even the children! And they’re not. They are just as innocent as the rest of us. They are just as much the victim, if not more because their struggles extend beyond the incident. Their entire way of life is disrupted. So, don’t be a dick. If you see someone covered walking down the street or speaking a language you don’t understand, don’t say anything. Don’t hit them in the face with a beer bottle. Don’t try to trip them. Don’t shove them against the wall. Don’t even give them the side eye. This country is hard enough to live in without all of that shit and these people literally did nothing wrong but just happen to practice the same religion or have similar facial features/ skin tones as the originating terroists. Just image how shitty it would be if no one could differentiate between all Christians and Southern Baptists/ Tea Partiers. If every time they did something awful, there was a huge social backlash. Death threats, bomb threats, threats of violence, every Christian would have to hide themselves because they didn’t want to get hurt or DIE. That’s what is happening right now to anyone who even appears remotely Arab. And that’s unnecessarily shitty.
  2. DO NOT become terrorists yourselves.
    • Come on people. Just because there are others who are different from you, doesn’t automatically make them targets for your misguided anger. NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS! Don’t break into their homes, don’t bomb their places of worship, don’t attack them on the streets. Just don’t. It doesn’t make you any better on any level when compared to those who executed the attacks on Paris, Beirut, Kenya, 9/11, or the London bombings on 7/7. You are just being fueled by same blatant ignorance, rage, revenge, and personal/ political unrest as they are. They don’t care who they harm as long as someone gets hurt or pays for their unrest. That’s just stupid and selfish and they clearly need therapy. So, don’t become as petty as a terrorist. Don’t stoop to their level. Be above all of that crap and thrive as an actual sane and sensible human being.
  3. DO NOT spread/ repost/ retweet false/ untrue/ fictional/ photoshopped propaganda.
    • A lot of people are afraid of being wrong. They don’t want to appear stupid or uneducated. So, when they find something that supports their beliefs/ ideals, they jump on that shit and spread it like wildfire. Case and point: the belief that vaccinations cause autism. They don’t, but you can’t tell anyone who believes that anything else. So, even if what they’re spreading is nothing but unchecked, biased, and overall lies, they don’t care because they’ve finally found proof! And by proof, I mean that one “study” that had zero scientific evidence and backing, but because it agreed with people’s beliefs, it stuck and was their headlining testament for their cause. Now, if you know the truth, STILL don’t spread that propaganda shit. Don’t give it anymore momentum than it already has. Even if you repost it to make a mockery of it, you’re still putting it out there for even more people to see. Even now, on any social media platform, even if you just like something, it’s going to pop up on your friend’s newsfeed and everyone is going to see. So, just stop yourself. Don’t do it. And if you do see something ignorant or intolerant that you might agree with, look it up first BEFORE sharing it. Find out where the post gets all of its information from. Snopes.com is pretty reliable. MSNBC or Al-Jazeerah news is also very reliable and highly credible. Or you can just google, “(insert topic of interest here) statistics” and you’ll get a list of search results that include websites and archives who dedicate themselves to providing the truth and NOT skewing their findings and evidence towards a certain side. Pick more than one source too. If you can find more than 1 (3-5 is best), only then, when the science agrees with you, is it okay to post it, because you are right. And no one can can argue with the facts (I mean, they can, but they’d sound like an idiot… UNLIKE YOU!)
  4. DO NOT tell people to go back to their own country.
    • Seriously!? You’re spewing this shit? Fuck you. Go back to your own damn country. Outside of the Native Americans we’re all fucking immigrants, so step off your imaginary soapbox and shut up you ignorant prick. Damn. Take a history lesson or read a Wikipedia article every once in a while. I don’t have time to deal with you.

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