Keeping It Current: Post-Paris Rant

I’m writing this post out of aggravation towards the so-called “good Christians” of America who absolutely refuse to take in and accept any refugees. The same supposed God-loving senators and congressmen who are openly denying these people a safe retreat. The same people who are saying, “We’ll accept our fellow Christians, but everyone else can go screw themselves.” Now, that’s not what they actually said, but they definitely implied along those lines. So, I’m confused. What ever happened to “love thy neighbor,” or “loving in God’s image” or “following in Jesus’ footsteps?” Unless Jesus was a selfish man with zero sympathy and a Napoleon complex, I think you need to reconsider your beliefs. The Jesus I knew growing up was a kind, understanding man who didn’t judge or ostracize anyone due to their backgrounds, circumstances, or beliefs. He didn’t deny anyone anything. He, in fact, washed his disciples’ feet because he wanted them to learn that we are all the same and deserve to be treated and accepted with respect. And I quote,

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. 15 I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. 16 Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.

He even hung out with whores at some point, if I recall correctly. In fact, I’m pretty sure he looked down upon those who shut their homes and hearts to those who need help the most.

I don’t know about you, but this Jesus guy sounds pretty awesome. He’s a simple dude who was like, “Just be nice and accepting and loving and kind to everyone. We’re all on the same level. We are all going through a struggle. Just don’t be a dick and we good.” Now, I clearly paraphrased that, but that is basically what he said. That’s how you become a “good Christian” and as of recent, a lot of “good Christians” seem to have forgotten that.

They put limits on who they trust and love and welcome into their hearts. They prohibit those who are different. They turn their backs on those who do not meet their own personal standard of deservedness. Everything that is the exact OPPOSITE to what Jesus did. This is not following in Jesus’ footsteps or practicing the gospel or righteous living. This is just a selfish way of spreading ignorance and using the Lord’s name as a thin veil for your selfish ways. It is shameful and disheartening and I’m sure if God was looking down upon these people right now, he wouldn’t call any of them good Christians. You can’t just go to church and be absolved of your every day sins. That’s not how any of that works. Being a good Christian is an everyday practice that strengthens the heart and brings good to the world.

Now, I used to be a good Christian before I met a lot of other “good Christians” and I soon realized that being a good Christian is apparently being a judgmental hypocrite who just talks the talk and never ever walks the walk. That’s why I stopped. I knew I was a good person but I didn’t want to be associated with these so called Christians. But do you know what I did do? I donated, I did charity work, and when I am financially stable enough, I plan to take in youths who have been rejected from their families and show them the love and acceptance their families couldn’t or wouldn’t. I’m only selfish in the sense that I will say “no” to you if you ask for some fries from my plate. Those are mine, BUT I will happily get you your own so we can both enjoy them.

I love people. I think the human race can be great. I think we can do so much if we all just cared a little bit more. If we just had a little bit more empathy for those who are suffering. If we understood that a lot of times, what happens to people, isn’t their fault. This is especially true for the children involved in this whole refugee conflict. These innocent children were uprooted from their homelands, with no idea why or what for. They just know they have to run. It’s a horrible way to live. In fact, it’s not living. It’s just getting by. You see these people on the news who just want to slow down, stop fearing for their lives, and stop looking over their shoulders. And here we are, a nation of supposedly good, God-loving Christians, denying these victims a safe haven before they even find a way to make it across the Atlantic Ocean. The same “good Christians” who declared their solidarity for the victims of the Paris attacks that took place not even 4 days ago. The same people who probably have the French flag filter set over their Facebook profile picture. These are the same people who close off their hearts and their homes because they don’t want to. They can’t imagine being so charitable, so caring, and so selfless towards others who are fighting and fleeing for their lives.

Someone please tell me how that is a good Christian? How are these people getting away with calling themselves that? How can they even call themselves human beings, even though they are blatantly rejecting others’ humanity? They should be ashamed of themselves and relearn what the Bible has to say about self-sacrifice and loving others. Maybe then, they can call themselves Christians again.


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