Keeping It Current: From Nov 18th-20th 2015

So much is happening right now that I just want to quickly address it. There’s really nothing new I personally want to add to these incidents, but I do think they are worth noting. So, here’s what’s been going on for the last 3 days.

  1. Some European countries are starting to close their borders to non-refugee immigrants. So if you are looking for work and plan on moving to Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, or Slovenia, better start searching elsewhere, because if you’re not fleeing from terrorism, you’re not getting in.
  2. Speaking of Europe, the European Union is holding an emergency security summit in Brussels, trying to find ways to strengthen their border checks between countries.
  3. And speaking more on refugees, the House of Representatives denies the Obama administration’s program to accept 10,000 refugees. In a 289-137 vote, they passed a bill that would require new laws and more intensive screenings before refugees can enter the U.S. Fear that terrorists could bypass as refugees and be openly admitted into the country sparked the creation of this harsh bill. The Senate has yet to vote on this action. Here’s hoping the Obama registration is a little more successful.
  4. In more U.S. political news, the Obama administration is filing an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision on the current status of illegal immigrants already in the country. It the decision is overturned, the U.S. will provide the immigrants protection from deportation, including those who have children that are legal born U.S. citizens. Plus, this would give them a safe, legal space to work. They would no longer be forced to accept payments under table and the opportunity of being paid at least minimum wage is viable. So, fingers crossed that the SCOTUS knows what’s up and can help out these 4.7 million people.
  5. While France is trying to extend its current state of emergency to three months, the U.S. authorities are tackling the prospects of Isis copycats who want to plan and execute an attack in the States.
  6. And more on terrorist attacks, Mali suffered a recent one at a popular upscale hotel, the Radisson Blu. 10 Gunmen stormed the place and took hostages. They started slowly releasing people who could recite the Qur’an, insinuating this attack was incited by religion. So far, 3 people are reported dead, while over 130 people are still being held captive. Special forces have been brought in, but the story is still unfolding as I am currently writing this.
  7. Isis just released a video threatening the U.S., France, and Italy… for some reason. Good luck on that. I’m sure you’ll get far.
  8. The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) released pictures of two more dead hostages, one being Chinese, and the other Norwegian. This spurred the Chinese government to take action against ISIL. They plan on “bringing justice” to their lost countryman, but specifics have yet to be released.
  9. 2 different Palestinian men in two different areas opened fire in public. They killed a total of 5 people, and wounded several more.
  10. On a lighter note: a component in Teflon has been linked to increased fat production in children. Apparently, if the chemical perfluorooctanoic acid was ingested by the mother during pregnancy, her child will suffer from increased body fat and drastic weight gain by the time they reach 8 years old. (Discovery News)
  11. FINALLY! The world’s largest diamond was found in Botswana!

Thought I’d end this on a shining note.


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