Mr. Sanders Has My Vote #feelingthebern

I will openly admit it.

I simply adore Mr. Sanders.

I haven’t felt this way about a presidential candidate since I voted for Obama for the first time in 2008. In fact, I probably adore Senator Sanders more now than I’ve ever adored President Obama.

Where, in the past, I voted for Obama because he shared my ideals, my heart is 1000000% behind Bernie because of his ideals AND his history. A history that encompasses similar values to my own. As an African American, as a woman, as an out member of the LGBTQIA, as a member of America’s middle class, as a spiritualist, and as an outspoken equalist, Bernie Sanders embodies everything my ideal candidate should contain.

He has a history of speaking out against and protesting racist policies. He successfully predicted every economic downfall caused by Wall Street and big banks years before anyone else really understood the impact these uncontrolled groups would have on our society. He publically shamed every politician who gave tax breaks and handouts to the wealthy. He also shamed the CEOS who took jobs away from the American people and sent them overseas, valuing their profits more than their own employees. He has always supported women’s rights to not only abortions, but also their access to life saving medical procedures. He has always supported public outreach programs. He has even worked on the passing of bills that support the conscious effort to protect and preserve the environment.

The list goes on and even includes taking on the 1%, modifying the American healthcare system, and making college tuition affordable/ free.

What DOESN’T this man care about?!

He actually doesn’t care for quite a few things. Stingy multi-billionaires who care more about what’s in their own pockets, than caring about the people around them or the world they live in. Wall Street. Government representatives that are bought and corrupted by big money. Ignorance. Discrimination. The taking away of people’s rights.

How can you not love this man?!

There are literally pictures of him at the 1963 rally where M.L.K. gave his most famous “I Have A Dream” speech. Seriously. He even helped organize sit-ins at the University of Chicago to protest racism and discrimination of student racial minorities on campus.


Especially since this kind of behavior is practically unheard of back then (ESPECIALLY by a white, Jewish man), but there is he, in the pictures, educating and supporting people. Thanks to the photographic evidence for providing proof that a man like this truly existed. Proving that Bernie Sanders always believed in equality, believed in the importance of racial and social justice, and was just, overall, a caring and personable ally who didn’t let unjust institutions and behaviors rule over him.

This is why I simply adore him. He understands and embodies the values of equality and overall fairness.

PLUS, he isn’t a afraid to speak the truth and call people out on their bullshit.

The video below is my absolute favorite. Here he is calling out Alan Greenspan for his ignorance and lack of information on the middle and lower class. Years later, Greenspan finally admitted how wrong he was and how his ideology was flawed, even AFTER Mr. Sanders blatantly told him how wrong his ideology was from the very beginning. See for yourself.

Even in the recent chain of democratic debates, his facial expressions say it all. He can’t hide anything from anyone. Here he is reacting to Hillary Clinton being bought by Wall Street and the big banks and how she tries to paint him as an Obama-hater.

Did you see that face???

That makes my heart smile. He is so involved, knowledgeable, passionate and honest that I can’t hate him! I literally can’t find anything deceiving about him.

Here’s one more. Here he is calling Clinton out on her lies.

Yes. I’m pretty sure everyone has disagreed with some President at some point… Madam Secretary.

I have yet to hear of anyone openly challenging him and he didn’t reply in such a manner that was not only eloquent, but also detailed. He knows his facts. He has spent these last 50+ years learning, working, and taking a stand against corruption and self-satisfying ignorance that I don’t think he even knows how to be dishonest. Sarcastic, and sometimes snarky, but never dishonest, which, in this money-driven, hypercritical society, is hard to do.

In fact, he’s even called out a section of his supporters who were disrespectful to other candidates and their supporters because that’s not the type of person he is, and that’s not the type of people he wants to represent. He doesn’t name call, he reprimands his own followers to uphold a certain standard of respect, and believes in everyone being treated with consideration. Seriously, what candidate has ever told their followers, “No. We don’t do that. It’s not right.”? When most candidates hear their followers call other candidates names, they usually either laugh it off, or join in.

Bernie is different.

And it’s not even his personality and political history that gets me. It’s the fact that he knows which political policy and enactments are important to help America grow as a country. Not to mention that there are countless experts in their own associated fields who support him. From Robert Reich (who served as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration), to Patch Adams (founder of the Good Health institute that specializes in medical practices not covered by health insurance), to Michael Moore (documentary film maker and political activist), to Nancy Folbre (who is not only a published economist (6 books and various journal articles), but also a feminist), and Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple, alongside Steve Jobs), Bernie Sanders is making his way through every professional field and gaining countless political supporters. He also has the official backing of a bunch of political organizations like, Progressive Democrats of America, and Democracy for America. PLUS, he is supported by various environmental and social parties, like Friends of the Earth, Communications Workers of America, National Nurses United and the American Postal Workers Union. He is winning over the hearts of everyone, not just one part of the population.

And he’s doing it by making campaign promises that reflect the views and beliefs of the people he wants to represent. The middle and lower classes!

Who else is doing that?!

Furthering his point to represent the majority, he refuses money from super PACS (which are linked to Wall Street). In fact, he has become to most funded presidential candidate by personal donations from the voters.

He absolutely refuses to appeal to the top 1%!

So yes.

This is why I support Bernie Sanders. This is why I donated to his campaign. This is why I volunteered my time to his presidential crusade. This is why I will be vote for him to be the democratic candidate in the primaries, and I will also vote for him again to get him into the Oval Office in November.

This is why.

Because while Obama gave us hope, Bernie lit the fire in our bellies.


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