Dunkin Donuts Already Started Selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes…

And you know what that means!!!!

The holidays are fast approaching!


Now, I know some of you are already stressed out because I know I am. We’ve already started making plans with family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s only August. And as November gets closer, we all know the stress is only going to get worse. I mean, with all of the endless parties, dinners, cocktails, and family members funneling through your home, you’re probably wondering how anyone can stay sane during this hectic time of year.

Well, this is where I come in.

In particular, with the food part.

I’ve decided to dedicate these next few months to only sharing crowd pleasing, allergy friendly recipes that the whole family (and all of your party guests) will enjoy. I’ve divided them up into different segments, so they’ll be easier to access.

    • I love making cookies around the holidays because they are the perfect make ahead tiny bites. All you’ve got to do it make the dough ahead of time, and on the days you want fresh cookies, just portion out the dough and pop it in the oven. I also feel like cookies are the perfect present that anyone can enjoy. Like, who can say no to a cookie? Plus, if you have enough of a variety, a cookie bar can be a very satisfying dessert replacement, while offering a little something for everyone. Since I am a baker, expect more cookie and dessert recipes than the other four categories. What can I say? I love sugar and I love baking.
    • I feel that appetizers are just small finger foods that anyone can pick up and eat in one or two bites. The recipes that I will share are going to be easy to prep, easy to cook, and delicious to eat.
    • The holidays are a time for extreme amounts of sugar consumption. Every recipe in this category will be dedicated to something festive and sweet. Expect a lot of pumpkin and a lot of spices, but who doesn’t enjoy either of those around this time of year?
    • These sides are so deliciously simple that I’ll keep them to 5 ingredients or less (not including salt and pepper). There’s no need to put any extra stress on you just because you’re entertaining.
    • Now, I will admit that I’m not the biggest fan of turkey, so I usually avoid it on the holiday table, but that never stops me from making it. Each main course recipe I share will be worthy of a spot in the middle of the table. Of course these don’t have to be made on Thanksgiving or Christmas day (in fact, they are delicious throughout the year). However, they are perfect to prep ahead and bake off when you have guests over so you can spend more time with them instead of being in the kitchen.
    • I don’t think this really needs an explanation…

With each recipe I share, I will also include a variant that will be make it more suitable for those who have more severe allergens and dietary restrictions. For example, if I share a recipe that has eggs in it, I will also provide a similar recipe that has a substitution for those eggs, so that someone who is either allergic to eggs, or is vegan, can enjoy the dish as well. I will try my best to accommodate everyone, but I am only comfortable with posting what I’ve made already, so if I haven’t made it, I won’t share it.

BUT, if there is another way, please feel free to share it in the comments section, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If I don’t post an alternative to something, it could just be because I either forgot or was focusing on something else or I wasn’t thinking. It happens sometimes.

I’m doing this because the holidays are a really tough time for those in the allergy community and I want to take these next couple of months to really help those who need it. I know what it’s like and if I can help anyone lower their holiday stress levels, then I’m happy to be of assistance.

D  ❤

P.S. And yes, that is me downing an entire bottle of Barefoot wine. I was in a dark place then.


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