Hello Everyone!

My name is Diandra and it appears that you have stumbled onto my personal blog. I am a professional baker who focuses on specialized dietary items. Since I’m pretty much allergic to everything outside of dairy, leafy greens, meat, and potatoes, a lot of my inspiration and experiences come from the basic necessity of being able to feed myself. Since having so many food allergies AND finding substitutions isn’t easy; I’ve decided to dedicate some of my time to documenting my own experiences, my custom-made recipes, and basically whatever else I feel like writing about. I hope it helps people who have allergies realize that it’s not so bad, that there are a lot of ups and downs (but mostly ups), and it is possible to enjoy life and food. I also hope it helps provide a certain perspective for the people who don’t have allergies, who are not personally unable to understand/ experience what an allergy sufferer has to go through on a daily basis. I mostly just hope it makes me a little less crazy now that I’ve started writing everything down.

Warning: There is quite a bit of bad language.

You know…

It’s supposed to be cathartic.

Anyways, that’s me. Please feel free to look around, comment, message me, and share if you want. I’ll be here.


Also, please feel free to follow me on my Instagram: @missusdiandra.

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