Who Puts Breadcrumbs in Turkey Burgers?!

*This post/ list stems from many personal experiences. The title of this post comes from my latest encounter. Seriously, I was so offended that I just couldn’t let this one slip between my fingers. I guess you could say that this was the last straw that FINALLY broke the camel’s back.* Dear Friends, If you…

A Little Advice: Internet Anonymity Doesn’t Exist. Don’t Be A Racist.

As much as I hate talking about racism and interracial relations, and feeling like a broken record on repeat, and basically paraphrasing everything that other activists of color have preached, I still want to add to the conversation. If not, I feel like I’m not pulling my weight in this constant battle for equality. NOW,…

A Little Advice: How to Bake Healthier (Part 4: Flair)

Welcome to my fourth and final segment of “How to Bake Healthier.” You made it! In this last part, I will discuss what I call “flair.” Now, I personally feel like this is the most important part when it comes to baking because this is where all of the flavor in a baked dish comes…

A Little Advice: How To Bake Healthier (Part 3: Binders)

This might be my shortest post yet because I ain’t mad about any binders since they are mostly natural and good for you. The only one I say to never use is margarine. It’s awful for you. Just don’t do. Unless you have a dairy allergen, just don’t use it. Your body can’t use it….

A Litte Advice: How To Bake Healthier (Part 2: Sweeteners)

Now, in my first “A Little Advice” post, I went through the various types of starches you could use to make your baking a little bit healthier by using various ingredients outside of the usual AP, bleached, processed flour. Here, I will do the same for you when it comes to different types of sweeteners….

A Little Advice: How To Bake Healthier (Part 1: Starches)

Baking is a hard science. It is a combination of a never ending array of techniques, precise measurements, a firm belief in preheating the oven to the exact temperature, and endless possibilities. With new technologies and man-made substitutions, baking is more complex than ever. They say everyone has their own recipe, and it’s 100% true….